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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Whats NEW for hair in 2022?!

Everyone is probably wondering what's the New Hair Trends for the New Year? Right?...

Well I'm here to spill ALL the Hair Beans ! As a stylist I get to see what's trending first hand just by what my lovely clients are asking and booking for! So, here we go! Let's see what those 2022 trends are!

what are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain Bangs were big in 2021, and have rolled over into 2022!

These Curtain Bangs seem to be here to stay! Now, some may be asking what are curtain bangs? Well, they are bangs that frame the face almost like a curtain! LOL! Hints the name! This specific style was a big trend back in the 70s that has come full circle over the past few years. Most times the hair is parted down the middle framing the face on each side. Curtain bangs are honestly just a form of face framing just a bit heavier and fuller than your average face frame. The great thing about these bangs in particular is that they can pretty much be any length long or short, any hair texture curly or straight, and instead of being blunt and straight across they give off those wispy, soft vibes! So, what do you say? Will you hop on the Curtain Bang Train 2022?

are bobs still in style in 2022?

Ahh.. The good ole Bob! Always so classic and one of my Absolute Faves to do!

The Bob Haircut has never really left the trend cycle. It's always been such a timeless style and cut. With so many versions of this style long, short, curly, straight, asymmetrical, A-line, blunt, etc. the list goes on and on.. Pretty much the Bob is a FOREVER trend! Take a look below to see what Bob Haircut is the one for you in 2022 !

what is the new hair color for 2022?

Dark hair is IN 2022! A lot of my lady clients are going back to their Roots! It's all about the natural hair color this year! Embrace it! 2022 is Giving more of "lets be more natural & organic" feel! Whether you are already a brunette and want to spice up your brown try a color glossing to add a pop of shine! Show off that dark hair girl ! Most of my brunettes who want to add some dimension while still keeping it nice and chocolatey like to add a lighter shade of brown to enhance the dark hair they already have. Balayage, bablylights, or foilayage are trending the most with my brunettes! While adding just enough lightness and still keeping the highlights themselves just as seamless and natural! Take a peep at what my brunettes are Giving in 2022!

is balayage still in style in 2022?

They always say "Blondes have more fun", & That's still true in 2022! My blondies have so many options this new year. "Lived in" effortless looking blondes that can be worn during any season is a huge trend! Bold heavy highlights are being replaced by dimensional, blended baby lights and lowlights in 2022. The famous low maintenance balayage hasn't gone anywhere and is still here to stay! So, how my blondes feeling? Is the natural look for you in 2022?

Is Icy Blonde out of style?

Bright Icy Blonde is still In! It's been pretty popular for the last few years and seems to still be an ongoing trend. When considering this look keep in mind if your hair isn't light already its going to be a process... With darker hair there are phases the hair must go through to achieve that platinum blonde look. The lighter the hair the better! Now, if you're a low maintenance kind of girl you may want to reconsider this color or go for more of a rooted icy look. A balayage or foilayage with a shadow root gives my dark hair ladies the option to still have that platinum look with less maintenance, and still have some dimension. Take a look at some of the Icy trends below. Is icy/platinum blonde the trend for you?

is red hair making a comeback?

Red hair has been a steady trend through 2021 and has continued to remain a popular color in 2022. If you're looking for a bold, bright change this year red hair may be for you! Coppers have been on the rise and are one of my absolute fav colors to do! Both red and copper colors are just simply stunning and come in so many different shades and tones! So be sure to choose the right one that suits you! Skin tone and eye color come into play when choosing a shade of red. You want to make sure the tone compliments you! Which shade of red will you choose in 2022?

is curly hair in for 2022?

It's all about embracing that natural curl in 2022, if you haven't already! If you have waves, curls or coils this is the time to show them off! Embrace what your Momma gave ya! Your hair makes you unique and it makes you, YOU! So, be yourself and accept that you have a beautiful crown of curls! If you have trouble maintaining your natural hair in general, remember hydration and moisture is key! If you want soft, bouncy curls and coils without frizz it's all about the product! Product is very important when it comes to textured hair. When choosing products make sure you are choosing sulfate and paraben free products. When doing so, this helps with preventing buildup and unnecessary gunk on the hair. If your hair is wavy try a mousse or foam. This will keep the hair lightweight and won't weigh your waves down. When it comes to curls most of my ladies use a cream and sometimes a gel depending on the hair density and style preference. For my Coil Queens with the super tight curls like myself, creams and gels are going to be your BFF! If you like definition and want to stretch that tight curl out those would be the styling products for you! So what do my Curly Queens say? Is this the year you choose to embrace your Curly Crown?

Well, that's all folks! Those are all the trends that I've seen to be popular for the new year.

Of course more trends are to come! It tis' only the beginning ! What NEW 2022 hair trends do you think you'll try this year?

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